John Abbott – The Cambridge Primary Review: an incomplete diagnosis weakens the case for change

The Cambridge Primary Review:  an incomplete diagnosis weakens the case for change. I was away in Washington for my son’s wedding when The Cambridge Primary Review was published.  It was not until I returned on October 22nd that I saw […]

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Independent: Generation of pupils being put off school, report says

Indpendent. By Richard Garner, Education Editor. Friday, 16 October 2009 Teachers should be free from state interference, the report says A devastating attack on what is taught in

Antidote News: March 2009

PEN Comment There are a number of interesting items from Antidote in this months E-News including: subscribe at   Devolving power, increasing diversity If you like the Cambridge Primary

Camridge Primary Review briefing

Briefing document: Towards a new curriculum: a report from the Cambridge Primary Review (PDF

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