CPE Membership Renewals, New Memberships

Membership Renewals

Thank you to all of you have already renewed your CPE subscriptions and a gentle nudge to those of you who still haven’t responded.

We hope you have enjoyed the many benefits of membership and the knowledge that your support continues to grow our networks – national and international and, the range of our work.

Our objectives, principles and vision and activity are all detailed on our developing website and social media (see Quick Links on our home page) and our regular  e-newsletters.

Over the last couple of years our website and social media have enabled us to expand the wider network considerably and we now engage, support and advise with more people than ever in our 30-year history. We’ve also been able develop and increase our activity and events. We don’t just offer information and support, we offer thought leadership, we campaign and lobby and engage with politicians.

Our extensive priorities over the coming year fit the following broad headings

  • Developing our twice annual journal, e-news, website and social media platforms
  • Continuing to grow and engage with the wider networks (currently around 10k people)
  • Refreshing our network links, partnerships and collaborations working with other groups in the alternative education sectors.
  • Flexischooling support and advice for schools, families and learners
  • Home-based education support and advice – families and learners
  • Regionally focused Learning Exchanges
  • Influencing the research agenda – supporting young / new researchers at all levels within the alternative / critical education spheres. Beginning an archive of research in this area.
  • Reviewing and developing our charity policies and procedures

I’ve always been amazed and proud of the work of Centre for Personalised Education. It’s based on the freely given time and skills of a range of passionate and committed educators.

Our recent increase in trustees takes us to a new level of capacity and is already bearing fruit. We have an amazing team.

This team is backed by a range volunteers and supporters and is underpinned by the subscriptions and donations we receive. The reality is we operate on a shoestring and this income is vital to enable us to set up our support systems and engage face to face with individual, groups and settings.

In everything we do we seek to be as inclusive and cost efficient as is possible and of course members access all our events for free.

Membership – Paid Up Member.

Subscriptions remain unchanged £25 or £12 unwaged

Can we ask that complete and return the attached renewal forms as appropriate.



These have a number of important purposes…


  1. Permits subscription payment options


  1. Permits additional donations and Gift Aid Donations (We are more than delighted to receive a donation in support of our work if you are so disposed although this is by no means obligatory!)


  1. Refreshes your choice regarding journal preferences – hard copy or digital 


  1. Updates the contact data we have for you


New Memberships

We welcome new memberships at any time. Membership forms available here.

In conclusion, thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at one of our events over in the near future.

Best wishes

Peter Humphreys, Chair, Centre for Personalised Education.





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