Centre for Personalised Education Alternative Educational Futures LEX

Centre for Personalised Education Alternative Educational Futures LEX

CPE trustees would like to thank all participants who came to  our AEF LEX on 25 March. It was a very successful and productive event. There were great inputs from the speakers, superb bookstall from Educational Heretics Press, excellent participation and terrific opportunities for networking.


Part of the challenge of reimagining our learning systems is to ensure those who are operating or seeking more personalised and alternative education are visible and connected. There is a huge job to ensure that networks are networked and CPE seeks to play its part. With web platforms and social media it’s easier than ever to ensure we signpost to each other, share news, innovations and events. This amplifies the messages, creates effective and credible counter narrative to the prevailing inflexible systems. The combined voice of the many groups and settings in the alternatives areas add up to a considerable constituency. We hope you will maintain and develop the connections you made both formally and informally.

To that end CPE offer a range of digital canvases to share your ideas, news and events. Please do join in the dialogue and reach a combined total of nearly 10k and further links to other large networks. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can connect best with you.


Books spoken about at the AEF event:Negotiating Neoliberalism: Developing Alternative Educational Visions.

Rudd, T. & Goodson, I. F. [Eds.] (2017).

Negotiating Neoliberalism: Developing Alternative Educational Visions. Sense Publishers. Rotterdam/Boston/Taipei.

Rethinking Learning to Read: The Challenge from Children Educated at Home

 by Dr Harriet Pattison £11.99 (inc UK pp) 212 pp Educational Heretics Press 

Educational Heretics PressYou can access all the EHP catalogue here: Educational Heretics Press 

EHP Will be producing an eBook of the event.


 Can you help our cause by joining us as a CPE member?
For £25 annually (June-June) £12 unwaged you will not only be supporting our work you will get a range of benefits including FREE access to all our events, two journals a year, individual support and access to wider support networks.

GREAT VALUE – If you join us now your membership will run through to June 2018

Learning Exchanges (LEX)

CPE is always willing to develop LEX anywhere in the country. If you’d like us to come to you and you’re happy to work in partnership by locating a suitable venue and core audience (20 upwards) get in touch and we’ll see what we can do  personalisededucationnow@blueyonder.co.uk / https://www.personalisededucationnow.org.uk/contact-us/

Other Events

CPE is happy to contribute to any of your own events if you think that would be beneficial. Again,  get in touch and we’ll talk personalisededucationnow@blueyonder.co.uk / https://www.personalisededucationnow.org.uk/contact-us/ 

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