Ditch the Label Reveals findings of The Annual Bullying Survey 2014

Ditch the Label Reveals findings of The Annual Bullying Survey 2014 Conclusive Evidence That Exam Grades Are Affected by Bullying in Schools One of the most comprehensive reports into the bullying of young people, The Annual Bullying Survey, will be published […]

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Terrorism: A Constant Threat for our Children. Prof Edith W. King

Tom Bulman on Empoyability

Our recent Employability Learning Exchange proved a tremendous success. Tom Bulman took attendees through a thought provoking day of discussion and activities related to employability and young people.


Reminder... if you haven't already responded we'd love to see you at our EMPLOYABILITY LEARNING EXCHANGE. Full details below. Don't miss Tom Bulman and his pioneering work over

Dr Roland Meighan. 29.5.1937 – 20.1.2014. Full Obituary

Our dear friend and colleague Roland Meighan will live long in our hearts and his work will continue to be the engine

Rethinking Educational Technology Scenarios

Our good friend Dr Tim Rudd at Brighton University has been leading a project based around Critical Perspectives on Educational Technology. One outcome has been a document Rethinking

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