Flexischool developing in rural Staffordshire

It is with great pleasure that we can report that Hollinsclough Primary in rural Stafforshire is developing flexi-time options for its pupils. This project has already received favourable media coverage on BBC Midlands Today and there is alo a link on the BBC Stoke and Staffordshire website here. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-12173283#

Home-based educators have reacted positively to the opportunities this development has provided and have substantially added to the school’s viability and long term sustainability. Headteacher Janette Mountford-Lees has been supported by the CfBT Education Trust charity, which has provided financial assistance and Olaf Hindmarsh
Elective Home Education Co-ordinator, Staffordshire County Council. 
Ms Mountford-Lees said: “All the children are different ages. They’re all on individual education plans. They’re all doing their own work.“So it’s a continuation of what we’d already started, that everybody was working at their own stage.”

Our very own Dr Roland Meighan (founding key figure and trustee of CPE-PEN) introduced the idea of Flexischooling in 1988 with his book Flexi-schooling, Education for Tomorrow, Starting Yesterday, Education Now Books. There have been many examples of Flexischooling operating throughout the country at various times but this is probably the first on such a scale.

We look to providing more updates about this project as it progresses.


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