Education Revolution E-Newsletter (Conference Special) 29.03.2010

This AERO newsletter was so jam packed with good stuff we’ve published it all here!

 1) Special AERO Conference Gift (you don’t even have to register!)

Register or lock in your rate by April 1st and we will e-mail you a special link enabling you to watch ALL 25 conference videos from last year!  Over thirty hours of incredible content.

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2) Rare John Holt Videos

Thanks to Pat Farenga (, we can share with you two rare videos of John Holt speaking. Visit to view them!

3) Educating for Human Greatness (new book & VIDEO)

For the first time since selling out and going out of print, Educating for Human Greatness Lynn Stoddard with Anthony Dalmann-Jones is now available!  We have just arranged for a shipment of the books (hot off the press), which will arrive within the week!  This is a revised and expanded new addition and at a great price.  Read below for a description.  You can order the book and watch an hour long talk Lynn delivered on Educating for Human Greatness at the 2009 conference here:

Description:he book that will help guide your children, students, faculty, school, and your community to HUMAN GREATNESS!

Why settle for less? The purpose of this book is to introduce a different, progressive paradigm of public and private education called, Educating for Human Greatness. It serves as an “owner’s manual” with principles, ideas and a framework for developing a higher level of teaching, thinking and learning in each community. It is a guide for parents and teachers to use in drawing forth the unique GREATNESS that lies within themselves and each amazing child.

The Unique and Breakthrough concept of PHD – Positive Human Diversity
The Six Pivotal Principles
The Seven Dimensions of Greatness
Worksheets and Guidelines Inside!

4) Update from AERO Director Jerry Mintz in England

Hello from England! I’ve been here for a week, first visiting Summerhill School for a couple of days, then speaking in England at a new educational alternative in London. Later this week I’ll travel to Israel to get ready for the International Democratic Education Conference that will start on April 6.

Summerhill School, now almost 90 years old, is doing very well with almost 70 students, mostly boarding. Zoe Readhead (A.S. Neill’s daughter) has been directing the school but is recovering from an illness, so her son, Will has been taking over most of her work until she is back to normal. We saw students there from England, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, and others, but it seems that many people in the United States don’t realize that Summerhill is still open. There are not many boarding democratic schools, but the Highland School, in West Virginia has recently become the first in a long time in the United States. If people are interested in knowing more about these schools they can reply to this e-newsletter or contact them directly through the websites of the schools ( &

While I was at Summerhill, about my 15th time, I again coached many students in table tennis, something useful I can do when I visit. I also saw the last meeting of the term, which just ended. They have three terms a year. I did get to talk for a while to Zoe, who is coming along quite nicely.

Yesterday I spoke to a good sized group at the Family School, in Brixton, England (

They are small but growing quickly and have students from age 4 to 7, and will continue until age 11. A student from Sands School joined the panel, along with a homeschooler from Japan, to answer questions from the audience. Sands will host the 2011 International Democratic Education Conference in England, in conjunction with the EUDEC, the European arm of IDEC.

Next week I should be able to tell you something about the IDEC in Israel and instructions about how to access videos of it from the web.

5) Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice in the 21st Century: From a High School Student’s Perspective (VIDEO)
Presented by Mathew Davis
Mathew Davis will be a keynote speaker at the 2010 AERO conference in June. Visit to find out more.
Original Description:
This is an informational workshop/discussion followed by Q&A led by artist, public intellectual, and recent public high school graduate Mathew Davis. The workshop will cover a myriad of topics including:

*Potential of public schools as apparatus for social justice
*Critical pedagogy
*Authentic artist expression
*Issues and challenges that face youth in 21st century and how they effect survival in the future
*How youth can confront and change them
*Organizing and building a movement
*New society and an era of social and economic justice
Watch the video here:

6) Challenging Racial Inequality in Our Schools: An Interview With Pedro Noguera (VIDEO)
As a leading urban sociologist, Pedro Noguera examines how schools are influenced by social and economic conditions in the urban environment. Here, he talks about the importance of public schools.

Watch the interview at:

Dr. Noguera recently wrote an article in the Teachers College Record about Revising NCLB and the reauthorization of ESEA:

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