The Guardian 09.03.2010 – The School of Everything

In the same Guardian paper as previous post more in our network are having substantial mainstream impact. Our friends at School of Everything had good coverage in a piece called ‘Everything your brain desires’ by Hazel Davies.

Founder Paul Miller describes initial inspiration surfacing when he read a book about a free university project on 1960s California. The rest is history!… indeed we have regularly tracked much of that progress in this blog.

The latest link with Becta is about  developing the white paper vision ‘The Learning Revolution’ for informal and adult learning. SoE is moving towards increasing the addition of full course provsion (as opposed to just lessons) and adding courses from FE Colleges and Local Authorities. The last SoE posting below also referred to the database of free and low cost venues.

The CPE-PEN network will be able to see just how encouraging these developments are in building the personalised educational landscape we envision. Its not too great a step to see a S0E type model operating as an alternative, supplement or even a replacement for mainstream schooling.  Exciting times!

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