Call for Evidence: Personalisation of education and learning

We received the following in December and are currently responding to it. However, we would encourage as many of the network who feel able to do likewise.

As you may be aware, at the request of the Prime Minister, I currently hold the role of Cabinet Office Advisor on Third Sector Innovation.  In this capacity, I am considering the role of the third sector in the design and delivery of more personalised services in education and learning

In consultation with key representatives from the third sector and stakeholders across Government, the Minister for the Third Sector, Angela Smith, and I have identified three priority areas to be explored through this project. These priorities are:

How can the third sector …

·        … offer greater choice and influence to children and young people through greater participaton?

·        … be supported to join up and tailor services around the needs of individual children and young people?

·         … scale up and mainstream innovative personal services?

I have now published a call for evidence on these questions.  Detailed information on this can be found on the Office of the Third Sector website (  The attached paper outlines what I mean by each of these questions. (not attached to this post but email us and we’ll forward to you)

 As a key stakeholder and expert in this area, I would greatly value your consideration of this call for evidence and any ideas or recommendations that you feel are relevant.  The deadline for submission of this information is Friday 22nd January 2010.  Please encourage your partners, members and service users to also contribute.

 Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me via this email address or contact Anna Page at the Office of the Third Sector on 020 7276 6025. 

 Yours Sincerely

 Rt Hon Anne McGuire MP | Cabinet Office Advisor on Third Sector Innovation

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