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SoE keeps building its services and base. It is a great model for linking those who have skills and knowledge to those who wish to learn. It truly is a perfect example of how choice and the ‘catalogue curriculum’ can work.

Struggling to think of new and exciting gifts for your friends or family? Give them the gift of learning – it’s way better than bad aftershave or some boring socks. Find the perfect gift on School of Everything, we’ve even showcased some in this newsletter for you. We think they’re great, so did Tom Phillips at the Metro and we’re certain you will do too.
Reach for the stars. Have your say. Now you can review teachers and lessons on School of Everything. Whether you have a glowing report or some constructive criticism, now you can tell it like it is and, like any other website review system worth its salt, you can give a 5 star rating. By doing so you’re helping other School of Everything members find a teacher that’s right teacher for them.
Special offer
We’ve got a great special offer for all you teachers out there. We’ve partnered up with some lovely people at Booking Bug – to give you 10% off. This lovely offer is only available to School of Everything members. You can send a thank you gift to our office.
Bling winner
And a big well done to Elaine Knowles for winning the bling competition! Enjoy the jewellery making magic with Claire Aristides Jewellery School.
Learn everything – featured gifts
Meditation -Yep Christmas can be a bit stressful sometimes, we all know that. If you know someone who the season is getting all too much for, this gift is calmly and clearly perfect for them. This two hour one-to-one lesson will help them explore how to consciously work with their body and mind to bring about true relaxation.
Twitter -Got a friend who’s full of one-liners? If they’re under 140 characters long then this beginners guide to Twitter could be just the thing. Whether they want to market their business, build a professional reputation or just make thier friends laugh, this hour-long tutorial will get them started and show them how to get the most out of this incredible new platform.
Photography – What better gift to accompany that digital camera waiting under the tree. What a shame it would be for that lucky someone to use only the automatic function and ignore all those other lovely options. This gift lesson will cover how to take the best pictures whether it’s on holiday or just of things in everyday life.
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