John Taylor Gatto – Weapons of Mass Instruction.

Weapons of Mass Instruction. A Schoolteacher’s Journey through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling. John Taylor Gatto.
HB ISBN 978-086571-631-5. New Society Publishers, British Columbia, Canada.
From the New Society Press Release:
John Taylor Gatto’s Weapons of Mass Instruction focuses on the mechanisms of compulsory schooling which cripple imagination and discourage critical thinking.

Here is a demonstration that the harm school inflicts is quite rational and deliberate. The real function of pedgogy is to render the common population manageable, remove obligation of the child care from adult workers so that they are free to fuel the industrial economy and to train the next generation into subservient obedience to the state.

Filled with exmaples of people who have escaped the trap of compulsory schooling. Weapons of Mass Instruction shows us realization of personal potential is not possible within the system of compulsory schooling. That requires a different way of groing up and learning, one Gatto calls ‘open source learning’.

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