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In July / August’s Natural Life Magazine www.NaturalLifeMagazine.com  the editor Wendy Priesnitz responds to a new book by James Gustave Speth ‘The Bridge at the Edge of the World’. She takes his analysis of ‘Capitalism, the Environment, and Crossing from Crisis to Sustainability’ further.

Wendy is such a good writer and her editorial comment is so true:
‘… I think one of the biggest challenges – and the one with the biggest potential for creating change – is education. In order to create the profound transformation that is required in our values, culture and worldview, I believe we need to examine our attitudes toward what may be the last oppressed group in our society: children. We must re-evaluate not only how we educate them, but how we birth them, nurture their ability to think creatively and indepedently, respect their rights, shape their values, learn from their instinctive kinship with the natural world and with each other. Those are at the root of the problem, and that is where we must begin in order to reverse the destructive momnetum of the last few centuries. When we get that right, we will have , I believe, created both the changes and the hope that will allow us to proceed with the transformation that is required.’

Wendy Priesnitz, Editor Natural Life. www.NaturalLifeMagazine.com.  Wendy Priesnitz’s blog www.WendyPriesnitz.com/blog

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