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Jane Rolph, Headteacher of Chapel Break Infant School. Jane reported on Outstanding Education, Learning and Care Providers’ Conference
following her school’s highly successful Ofsted report. The following were sited as being common features within many of the schools;

  • ‘Hands on’ heads – Headteachers involved with the curriculum & students
    Keeping the vision simple
    Sometimes saying No to new initiatives
    Individual learning programmes & personalisation
    Informal talk – having a cuppa and cake in the staffroom, Headteachers who listen to their staff, have faith in their staff
    Creative curriculum, use of thinking skills and experiential learning – throw out the worksheets!
    Enrichment with a focus on ‘The Arts’ involving galleries, museums, theatres, libraries, within the curriculum and as extra curricular activities.
    Designing your own exciting curriculum – being brave in taking risks, teachers who are open minded about trying new ideas
    High focus on basic skills, learning in small chunks, and rewarding small steps
    High expectations
    Pupils taking responsibility, such as school councils, peer counselling and management teams
    Promoting a can-do ethos and high self esteem
    Engaging parents and working with the wider community

PEN comment: what would non mainstream settings identify? Responses gratefully recieved.

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