Book: Global Children, Global Media Migration

Global Children, Global Media Migration, Media and Childhood. Liesbeth de Block, David Buckingham

Children today are growing up in a world of global media. Many have also become global citizens, through their experience of migration and transnational networks. Global Children, Global Media provides a comprehensive critical review of research and debate in the overlapping fields of media, globalization, migration and childhood. It also presents empirical research, using innovative visual methods, in which children’s voices are featured prominently and directly. By representing these issues from the perspective of children, the book casts new light on established academic debates about cultural identity, diaspora and transnationalism, and addresses questions about social cohesion, belonging and citizenship that are of considerable concern in contemporary public and political debate. Global Children, Global Media will provide insights both for scholars and researchers, and for educators and media practitioners who work directly with children and young people in this field.

Preface and Acknowledgements
Changing Spaces: Globalization, Media, Identity and Childhood
We are the World? Children and Migration
Between the Global and the Local: Young People Media and Migration
Going Global: Childhood in the Age of Global Media
Finding a Place: Migrant Children Using Media
Making Migrant Identities: Television in Children’s Everyday Lives
Speaking for Themselves? Researching Youth Media Production
Picture Me In: Migrant Children as Media Makers
Rapping All Over the World: Music, Media and Intercultural Communication
LIESBETH DE BLOCK is a Lecturer in Media, Culture and Communication at the Institute of Education, London University, UK, and a research officer in the Centre for the Study of Children Youth and Media. Her research interests are in the role that media play in children’s experiences of migration and settling. Previously she worked in London schools, supporting refugee children.

DAVID BUCKINGHAM is Professor of Education at the Institute of Education, London University, UK, where he directs the Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media ( His research focuses on children’s and young people’s interactions with electronic media, and on media education.

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