Swedish Good Sense?

Edutopia’s news for 23rd April included a couple of interesting stories (1) Childhood’s End: Growing Up too Fast –  a touching elaboration of how our uniform schooling cruelly destroys the children who are different and don’t fit the system.  http://www.edutopia.org/childhoods-end-accountability-forces-children-grow-up-too-fast and (2)  How Swede It Is: Are Practical (and Affordable) Swedish Preschools Better?  http://www.edutopia.org/global-education-sweden-preschool – a personal account of how the Swedes are unhurried about starting formal schooling and their early learning values. I then came across three short TV programmes on You Tube first screened on the UK’s Teachers TV about the Swedish Early Years Approach. Early years education: Sweden versus the UK Parts 1,2 and 3


The wealth of good sense from parents, carers and teachers in the Swedish system stands out in contrast to that in the UK and USA. The comments posted on Bronwyn Griffith’s How Swede It Is…  article suggest that more and more people are beginning think differently. Perhaps that same questioning will soon begin to address the tyrannies inflicted throughout our schooling system.

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