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School of Everything is a community of people teaching and learning. Here’s how it works:  

We’ve supported the SoE since we first heard about them. Its such a simple but clever idea on which a great deal can be built. From the perspective of PEN this is the kind of development that extends choice within the educational landscape and models many of the principles we advocate. SoE continues to expand and has now gone international.

The School of Everything goes from strength to strength

Since our last newsletter, the Science Department has been hard at work on School of Everything’s location tools. And now we’re international. Hurray!

Teachers of the month

Nancy Rawlinson is a writer, editor and writing coach. She’s also our first international teacher of the month.

Marion Gillet has seven years’ experience supporting and teaching emerging product


Tracy Lee Jackson is teacher with a

passion for bringing yoga to young and old




A few weeks back, Team Everything and friends got together for a class in How To Draw Monsters.

Check out the results:

Join Team Everything


We’re looking for a great coder to join the team.

Have you got what it takes?

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