PEN Learning Exchanges – Brighton and Chard

Trustees of PEN are seeking to extending the range of our learning exchanges and moving the venues around the UK with the support and co-ordination of members in our network. In planning are:

PEN Learning Exchange in May 25th 2008  at the South Downs Learning Centre (Brighton)   
The draft agenda looks like:

10.30 Drinks/registration
11.00 Taking choice seriously – Roland Meighan and Ian Cunningam – introduction to the book on this subject and the wider issues of personalising etc
12.00 Interactive session with staff, parents and students of the South Downs Learning Centre – how does personalising work in practice? A live example of the realities of this work.
1.15 Lunch
2.15 Review of the morning – lessons and actions – how can we make changes in learning practices to benefit young people?
3.00 Peter Humphreys  – Centre for Personalised Education activity update.
3.45 Drinks to 4.20pm

 PEN Learning Exchange in October 2008 (tbc) at the Chard Learning Centre (Somerset)

Trustees have also agreed to open up Learning Exchanges to non members on the payment of a contribution towards the events. Members will of course continue to receive free access as part of their CPE-PEN membership.

If you intend coming to any Learning Exchanges could you please inform Janet Meighan at

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