Make School a Democracy. Prof. David Kirp. New York Times

Make School a Democracy. Prof. David Kirp. New York Times. Feb 28th 2015. NY Times. Sunday Review Opinion. ARMENIA, Colombia — IN a one-room rural schoolhouse an hour’s drive from this city in a coffee-growing region of Colombia, 30 […]

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Learning Futures pamphlet now available

This pamphlet (downloadable) from the Innovation Unit is well worth a read for CPE-PEN network members. There are key ideas that we have advocated for decades appearing

Education Revolution E-News 27.09.2010

Education Revolution E-News 27.09.2010   Online Courses Start Today! (COURSE)

Press release: Lord Puttnam invites teens to pitch new laws at Parliament

Lord Puttnam invites teens to pitch new laws at Parliament Released by Mango Marketing 16.04.2010  With the election currently at the forefront of the media, it is now time

Democracy at Risk? Ask the Kids! by Laura Stine – AERO E-News 01.03.2010

The AERO E-News 01.03.2010 highlighted the following Democracy at Risk? Ask the Kids! by Laura Stine (posted on the Institute for Democratic Education in America's website) The other day,

AERO E-News 13.10.2009 Videos

AERO Online Video Series: Homeschool Resource Centers, Democratic Meetings, Preschool Democracy, and Butterflies Program Four Great Free Videos! Butterflies Program A rare look at an inspiring program working with homeless street

New democratic youth organisation formed at HESFES

Thanks to Derry Hannam for alerting us to home-ed young people forming a democratic organisation at HESFES. The Home Educated Youth Council. The HEYC are an independent voice for home

Other learning models video: Imagine a school… Summerhill

Continuning this thread of posts. How sad it would be if we lost what diversity we had in the educational landscape. How sad this diversity is not available

Film: On Education by Raja Mohanty

On Education 

Film made by Raja Mohanty. Education is all about controlling and shaping the minds of the young. A movie worth seeing for everyone interested in

Seminar: How is democratic peace building dialogue possible in ordinary schools?

Thanks to Ben Ballin for this notification This Seminar is part of the programme for a research link between CIER and the Comparative, International and Development Education Centre, University

Roland Meighan:

Peter Wilby published an article 'Aint Misbehavin' in the Guardian on the 23rd September. Roland Meighan responded with the following (as yet unpublished) letter. Dr Roland Meighan. D.Soc.Sc., Ph.D.,

AERO E-newsletter 28 April

AERO - Alternative Education Resource Organization e-newsletter: visit   Some items in the latest newsletter: - Educational Freedom for a Democratic Society - NCLB Administrative Tinkering Fails to Address Flawed


AERO  picked up the following video in their recent March e-newsletter. Democratic values, organisation and practice are core principles for Personalised Education Now - without them we can never

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