Everyone can play their part in campaigning for Flexischooling

  1. Get Informed (see this website)
  2. Get involved – join the Facebook Flexischooling Strategy Group 
    This group has been set up to develop and support the implementation of a flexischooling strategy for England and Wales.
    The first strategy group met in September. Lots of information had been collected from the flexi-schooling FB groups and this was reviewed and used to come up with the following outline plan.• Provide clear leaflets for parents, head teachers, and to cover the current legal aspects and codes as well as myths and part time under CSA.

    • Develop a well-structured website as a single access point for all audiences

    • Raise the profile of flexi-schooling through a communications strategy, similar to the summerborn campaign group – this will be a major piece of work

    • Lobby government for acceptance of flexischooling, improved guidance and clarification of codes – flexi-schooling needs a higher profile before we can do this effectively

    • Promote flexischooling in small schools. Something which has worked very effectively and could save local schools and rural communities.

    More details on the work which is required and the involvement requested from the group will follow through individual posts.

In 2017 we’ll start a Twitter Campaign


If you’d like to learn more and promote in your area why don’t you set up a Local Event on Flexischooling. The strategy group will be happy to arrange speaker inputs if required and help you arrange / promote the event.

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