Centre for Personalised Education

The Centre for Personalised Education Trust (CPE)

Personalised Education Now (PEN) is the trading name for The Centre for Personalised Education Trust (CPE), a charitable company, limited by guarantee (Charity number: 1057442. Company Number 03231165).

It emerged from Education Now in 1996 as The Centre for Personalised Education Trust (CPE). In 2004, after 17 years’ pioneering work, Education Now transferred its resources and membership to CPE-PEN.

We engage in…

• Generating ideas, analysis and critique and envisioning the personalised educational landscape.

• Supporting practitioners, individuals, groups, families and organizations developing the personalised agendas and educational alternatives.

• Bringing members and groups together at learning exchanges and national conferences

• Publishing newsletters, journals and books

• Developing a comprehensive integrated website, blog and archive

• Undertaking trusted and respected book reviews

• Research

• Networking with other groups and projects

• Influencing the national and international debate on the future of education, schooling and learning

• Influencing the research agendas

• The Centre’s activities enhance the training and employment possibilities of young people and adults. Those with dependants are able to take up attend as facilities to care for children and the elderly are provided on request. Training facilities and events are available to enhance peoples’ possibilities of employment.


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