HR: Business must wake up to the power of informal learning

Business must wake up to the power of informal learning. Peter Crush, 01 October 2009. HR must ditch traditional training for informal leaning, said experts at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition (WOLCE).  Informal learning – where staff […]

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CfL Events: Apprentices, Leitch, Training and Adult Skills

The Role of Apprentices in the Recession 12 February 2009, 2pm - 4pm London This session will look at the contribution apprenticeship can make to the economy in the context of

Campaign for Learning: Learning to Learn Training

A competency curriculum that develops the PLTS 20 January 2009 Learning to Learn for Personalised Learning A competency based curriculum rather than a subject based curriculum for KS3? QCA recommends a flexible

Campaign for Learning policy briefings: Adult Learning: vive la revolution and The JWT group: training or no training

Adult Learning: vive la revolution, 2 - 4pm, 17 July 2008 Following DIUS's consultations on informal learning and the statutory right to

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