Education Revolution E-News 27.09.2010

Education Revolution E-News 27.09.2010   Online Courses Start Today! (COURSE) Fall issue of Education Revolution (Magazine) Democratic charter school needs letters of support (REQUEST) Clearance Titles (SALE) Scientifically Tested Tests (OPNION) Poverty hurts learning: Schools matter, but they’re not all […]

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Opposition to testing grows both sides of the Atlantic

The recent mutterings about testing boycotts in England appears to be growing. It was interesting then to read in AERO's April 7 e-news about mounting opposition to No

New York Times: College Panel Calls for Less Focus on SATs

By SARA RIMER. Published: September 21, 2008 A commission convened by some of the country’s most influential college admissions officials is recommending that colleges and universities move away

Testing to Destruction 2

The annual exam season is upon us along with the endless debates about testing regimes in the UK. Today the Select Committee Report suggests that SATs could be

Testing to Destruction

The UK schooling system is so wedded to testing that this last few days has seen comprehensive media coverage of the ridiculous pressure students are put under with the

Students find their way around the NUT strike

On Thursday 24 April, when teachers confirmed their first national strike in over 20 years, schools were locked and students were turned away from the school gates.

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