TES Obituary. Paul Ginnis .

Helen Ward writes this obituary for Paul Ginnis on the Times Educational Supplement Connect website. She echoes what I’m sure all those who knew Paul recognise . https://news.tes.co.uk/b/news/2015/02/25/paul-ginnis-obituary.aspx Paul Ginnis was one of the longest-established education consultants in the UK […]

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Press release: UK Teachers now sharing over one million classroom resources every month on TES Connect

8 April, 2009: TSL Education announces over one million monthly downloads

Times Educational Supplement: Education or schooling?

Below is part of the marketing blurb I was sent for the Times Educational Supplement's new TESconnect site. Initially, my eyes lit up - perfectly peronalised with my

Press release: TES Education 2008. Education Show

TES Education 2008 – Visit the Ultimate Childcare and Education Show in London this Autumn Event:             TES Education 2008 Date:               10 & 11 October 2008 Location:        National Hall, Olympia, London TES Education

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