Book Review: After Summerhill

After Summerhill By Hussein Lucas (Herbert Adler Publications) Reviewed by Chris Shute This book might well qualify for the title ‘Educational Book of the Year’. It is warm-hearted, full of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is a […]

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Education Revolution E-News 26.10.2010

) AERO Membership Special (OFFER) 2) Watch: Free to Learn: A Radical Experiment in Education (VIDEO) 3)

Education Revolution E-Newsletter 22.04.2010

Report and Video from the 18th Annual International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC); Ash Cloud Grounds Our Flight in England by Jerry Mintz The 18th International Democratic Education Conference was

Other learning models video: Imagine a school… Summerhill

Continuning this thread of posts. How sad it would be if we lost what diversity we had in the educational landscape. How sad this diversity is not available

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