AERO Education Revolution E-News 01.09.2010

1) Planning to Change the World: A Plan Book for Social Justice Teachers (BOOK) 2) Get all 24 talks from AERO for less than $50! (RESOURCE) 3) Update on Start a School 101 & History/Theory Courses (COURSE) 4) Approach Your […]

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Futurelab: Assessment Literature Review and Social Justice

Futurelab has just published its latest Assessment Literature Review, commissioned from outstanding academic researchers to offer a route map through the vast body of research into education and

Futurelab e-news items from October and November 2008

Some e-news items that will be of interest to the PEN network: Adult Informal Learning event - outcomes This Open Space Discussion was designed to build constructive partnerships with others

Futurelab e-news items July 2008

Futurealab website: Futurelab e-newsletter 48 July 2008. Items include: Challenging Learner Voice - 23 October Futurelab's autumn conference will take place on 23 October at Warwick University Conference Park.

Futurelab – Free Educational Tools for educators

Debate and learn with Power League- a free educational tool Power League is great for provoking group discussions- whatever the subject or age of participants. You can create

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