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Letter of the week – A Danish Lesson  There was an interesting letter of the week in the 18th of February Nursery World   I read with interest Professor Peter Moss’s article ‘Five steps to better provision’ (Analysis, 4 […]

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Let’s get rocking!… Paul Henderson

You can always rely on Paul to make get your brain cells ticking on matters of learning and learning systems. Here he argues that our educational institutions are

BBC: London set for Swedish schools

London set for Swedish schools  By Angela Harrison. Education reporter, BBC News   Academies are seen as a main vehicle for driving up standards  A private Swedish company is to open

New York Times: Peering at the Future Sign in to Recommend

By Bob Herbert Published: September 28, 2009  Charlotte, N.C. A whoop went up in the classroom and the teenagers became giddy when they realized that the man and woman

Edutopia E-news Sept 09. Waldorf-Inspired Public Schools Are on the Rise

Whatever view you may have on Waldorf schools and philosophy, like many alternatives there is much for us to learn from. This article from Edutopia E-News is an

Press Release: Barnsley Council’s new e-mentoring scheme

Barnsley Council's new e-mentoring scheme is now available in every school in Barnsley.  The scheme is being provided by Truancy Call Ltd and here is a summary of

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