Creative Schools: Sir Ken Got it the Wrong Way Round in his New Book. A review and Commentary by Paul Henderson.

Paul Henderson takes a closer more rigorous look at Sir Ken Robinson’s latest book… ‘Good but could do better?!’ Great critical review from Paul. From Life Learning Magazine Creative Schools: Sir Ken Got it the Wrong Way Round in his […]

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The Learning Sweet Spot by Paul Henderson.

  We're delighted that Paul Henderson's writing in the CPE-PEN blog over the years has attracted attention worldwide. Our good friend Wendy Priesnitz and her Life Learning Magazine

Life Media Newsletter 05.05.2011

Book Review: Challenging Assumptions In Education

By Beth Balmanno Confession. We are kinda, sorta unschoolers in our household. Of course, relatives, friends, other homeschoolers – even clerks at the

Life Learning Magazine – Jan/Feb 2011 out now Editorial What would Nature do? From Our Readers Readers share ideas about learning and the magazine. I Liked it! by Kate Fridkis Insights about life and learning from a young

Life Media: Natural Life Magazine offer

Life Media produce some great materials and resources and we often refer to their work. Currently you can get a free online  sample of their July / August Natural

Book: Life Learning. Lessons from the Educational Frontier.

While education and learning continues to struggle to meet personal, family and societal need its so refreshing to read some solid common sense. The world has and is

Life Learning

While this country treats its children and young people so shoddily (see post below) perhaps politicians could just take some time out from the soundbites and politics and

Life Media April News: Unschooling as the Ultimate Feminist Act

Some people think, stereotypically, that women who choose to work at home so they can facilitate life learning for their children are regressively un-feminist. So unschooling pioneer and

Life Learning. Lessons from the Educational Frontier.

New Book: Life Learning. Lessons from the Educational Frontier. Edited by Wendy Priesnitz. 2008 ISBN 978-0920118-17-7. The Alternate Press, Canada. A collection of essays from a host (30)

Life Media E-Newsletter: January 2009

 Free Skools: Learning For Its Own Sake Most of our readers are familiar with the term "free school" as it relates to a democratic alternative school for children. But

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PEN Comment: The work and publications of Wendy Priesnitz are extremely important in any holistic view of learning. We can wholeheartedly recommend keeping them within your horizons. Greetings from

Life Learning Magazine One of  the very best and most well presented magazines:

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