Chris Shute – What’s the use of homework?

 What’s the use of Homework?2  Chris may be less mobile than he used to be but nothing has stopped the flow of his thoughts and ideas. Here he tackles that controversial schooling issue – homework. What is the educational rationale […]

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AERO E-news 11.01.2010

Two DVDs at Excellent Prices: Alfie Kohn & Free to Learn from AERO e-news 11.06.2010  Free to Learn: A Radical Experiment in Education A Documentary by Jeff Root &

Washington Post: The Homework Debate

The Homework Debate. Kids, Parents and Teachers Disagree On How Much Is Too Much. Valerie Strauss. 27th Jnauary 2009. Read the article at PEN comment: This issue

Response to Roland Meighan’s letter to the Independent

Ben Ballin responds as a parent to Roland's letter to the Independent and blog piece: Well said!  I have been having these battles with my children's schools for

Sunday Times: UK’s biggest school scraps homework. Jack Grimston

From The Sunday TimesSeptember 28, 2008 A new school that will be the biggest in the country is to abandon homework because the head teacher believes it does not

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