CPE-PEN Flexischooling Special Journal

Readers may wish to take a look at our Flexischooling Special Journal (Number 16) that accompanied our April Flexischooling Learning Exchange. This will give some context to the flexischooling developments and contextualise the November 2nd  National Conference Flexible Futures-Progressive Education being organised […]

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Flexischooling – Building the Network

The CPE-PEN Flexischooling Learning Exchange resolved to continue the process of building the flexischooling network and developing advocacy strategies with government and its agencies, local authorities and schools. BUILDING

Flexischooling Learning Exchange – Reflections

Without doubt our April Flexischooling Exchange proved to be one our our most successful events in recent years. In a packed lecture theatre Exchange participants from all over

Flexischooling Learning Exchange 28th April- Last Call

The last few days to join us in Loughborough on Saturday 28th April for our Flexischooling Learning Exchange / Conference. Always refreshing and stimulating inputs and debate. Saturday

Flexischooling Learning Exchange – 28th April

The Flexischooling Learning Exchange is approaching rapidly (28th April). We are already assured of a good turn out but there are some places still available in our larger

CPE-PEN Flexischooling Learning Exchange



‘rigid systems produce rigid people, flexible systems produce flexible people’ Dr Roland Meighan

 CPE-PEN Presents a Flexischooling Learning Exchange

Saturday 28th April

Flexischooling from ad hoc to tip of an iceberg?

We've reported many times on the growing number of flexischooling initiatives.  The concept originated with our own leading light Dr Roland Meighan  http://edheretics.gn.apc.org/ http://www.rolandmeighan.co.uk/ and discussions held with  John

Flexischool Places available

Fancy a flexischool arrangement with your youngsters? Four opportunities have arisen below. The flexischooling concept is one of  CPE-PEN's primary foci at the moment. There is great interest. We

Flexischooling Conference June 2011

Fiona Nicholson has put up a good page about the CfBT Flexischooling Conference, June 2011and various Flexischooling links on her 'Ed Yourself' site http://edyourself.org/articles/flexischoolingconference.php Flexi-schooling Conference June

Hollinsclough Primary Flexischool Project

Roland Meighan, Janet Meighan and Peter Humphreys from CPE-PEN, and Gillian Trott from the Self-Managed Learning Centre in Brighton  http://www.college.selfmanagedlearning.org/ paid a visit to Hollinsclough Primary Flexischool

Learning Futures pamphlet now available

This pamphlet (downloadable) from the Innovation Unit is well worth a read for CPE-PEN network members. There are key ideas that we have advocated for decades appearing

Flexischool developing in rural Staffordshire

It is with great pleasure that we can report that Hollinsclough Primary in rural Stafforshire is developing flexi-time options for its pupils. This project has already received favourable

Flexischooling – Independent: Best of both worlds: The new trend of flexi-schooling

Independent: Best of both worlds: The new trend of flexi-schooling. By Helen McNulty. 20th May 2010 Although we'd hardly agree with Helen that this is a new trend Niamh, aged

Useful information /resource /web links for Elective Home Educators

Thanks to Iris Harrison for this link. CPE-PEN is always pleased to hear of positive moves from schools towards the notion of Flexischooling. I am pleased to forward you

Daily Mail: Part-time pupils: children will not have to attend all their lessons under new government plans

Thanks to Alison Sauer for this link... Part-time pupils: children will not have to attend all their lessons under new government plans  Source: www.dailymail.co.uk The flexi-schooling plan, set to be

Press Release: DCSF Diana Johnson announces a new support package for home educating families

Diana Johnson announces a new support package for home educating families 09 October 2009 -More support for home educated children with special educational needs- -Better access to public exams and

TES Magazine: The best of both worlds

Features | Published in TES Magazine on 4 September, 2009 | By: Nick Morrison Section:Features ..The relationship between state schools and the home education community can be tense, but a

Flexischooling – advice for Ed Balls

CPE/PEN (as Education Now) have been  advocating that Flexischooling is a good idea since at least 1988 (see Flexischooling. Education for tomorrow, starting yesterday by Dr Roland Meighan

Minischooling and Flexischooling

I like Charles Leadbeater - he's done much to try and shift thinking about education and schooling. His work on personalisation has been helpful. On 8th July John

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