Make School a Democracy. Prof. David Kirp. New York Times

Make School a Democracy. Prof. David Kirp. New York Times. Feb 28th 2015. NY Times. Sunday Review Opinion. ARMENIA, Colombia — IN a one-room rural schoolhouse an hour’s drive from this city in a coffee-growing region of Colombia, 30 […]

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IALA International Association for Learning Alternatives: Winter News

Excerpts from IALA's winter news

AERO E-News 27.02.11

A Suitable Learning Environment (Article)

Students at a private school help design their curriculums. Scott Waldman, Times Union (January 24th) ALBANY — Greg Henderson wanted


LibEd Bulletin ESCAPING EDUCATION -Gustavo Esteva A sample article from Turning Points, a book published earlier this year in the USA, which is anthology of responses to

Other learning models video: Democratic education at Sands School

  Democratic education at Sands School   

Lib Ed bulletin: New articles for September 2008

The Baumgarten children's home. Siegfried Bernfeld The Kinderheim Baumgarten was a jewish children's home set up in Vienna after the first world war. Bernfeld's  methods would still seem innovative

IALA News July 2008

Two particularly interesting articles from IALA (  ) in July - Singapore: Teach Less, Learn More and Democratic

Lib Ed – New Articles

LibEd Bulletin NEW ARTICLES POSTED, MAY, 2008 EMERGING PERSPECTIVES ON CHILDHOOD Robin Alexander¹s keynote lecture at the conference on Childhood, Wellbeing and Primary Education organised by the General Teaching

David Gribble – Website

David Gribble taught at Dartington Hall School for almost thirty years, and was then one of the joint founders of Sands School. Since retiring he has visited democratic

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