Flexischooling Available in Stratford Rural Schools Federation

Flexischooling Available in Stratford Rural Schools Federation (Warwickshire)

At the Stratford Rural Schools Federation we recognise that parents/carers may choose other ways for their child or young person to engage in very effective, full-time, and suitable education. One way could be for them to request that our school considers entering into a flexi schooling arrangement. In order for our school to enter into and continue a flexi schooling arrangement parents and carers must accept and maintain the rigorous framework of expectations reflected within this policy. This policy is intended to assist parents considering whether to request that the education of their statutory-age child is partly at school and the remainder elsewhere, generally at home. This is generally known as flexi schooling. The Stratford Rural Schools Federation is happy to discuss requests from parents who wish their child to have a flexible education. (taken from SRSF Flexischooling policy find link here).

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