Press release: Social networking gives euro teens a political voice in new British Council sponsored project

Social networking gives euro teens a political voice in new British Council sponsored project 

Radiowaves is enabling students across Europe the opportunity to connect via its safe, social networking platform in a series of collaborative projects. Young people can explore social and political issues, by using videos, podcasts and blogs to connect across European borders.
Teenagers throughout Europe are joining forces to discuss and share social and political ideas online as part of a venture organised by Radiowaves.
Funded by the British Council’s Youth in Action programme, the project’s aim is to use the web to unite European teenagers and encourage them to explore European identity, democracy and different cultures.
As part of this scheme, Romanian and UK students have been meeting online, sharing blogs and comments before they meet face-to-face in a visit to the UK between 24 – 29 April, 2010. During this period, time will be spent discovering learning about key political issues and meeting with MEPs, including Christine Bearder MEP.
Andrée Jordan, international co-ordinator and head of social sciences at The Ravensbourne School in Bromley is involved in the current Radiowave’s project and discusses the benefits: “When I learnt about this collaborative project between the British Council and Radiowaves, I immediately saw its value in providing a rich learning experience, so felt keen to become involved. For young people, the opportunity to connect with other children from other countries, to share ideas, experiences and knowledge via the medium of social media is priceless. Social media is an effective motivator and a driving force in getting students across the world to communicate; it raises levels of work output, gives learning more meaning and makes the experience more real.”

Cliff Manning, communication director of Radiowaves commented: “Providing a safe, moderated community, empowers schools and its learners due to the flexibility to collaborate in a safe environment. The projects have, so far, proven hugely successful with young people actively blogging, speaking to each other and posting videos of their own accord. It’s certainly been motivating for the children and I hope that this project will prove equally as successful.”
Andrée concluded: “The Radiowaves project enables us to raise awareness of global issues, making young people aware that they are global citizens, as well as local.”

To find out more about this project and how your school can become involved in the Radiowaves community please visit:
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Launched in 2003, Radiowaves is the leading, free-of-charge social networking platform for education. Radiowaves collaborates with schools, local authorities, charities and government departments to publish school podcasts, videos and blogs from pupils around the world. The multi award winning social networking platform enables learners to participate in national campaigns and develop key digital literacy skills.

Over 25,000 students currently use Radiowaves to broadcast over 30,000 school podcasts and videos to friends and family. The platform is currently running a number of projects in conjunction with Government organisations such as the British Council’s Youth in Action programme and the Parliament’s Education Service, which encourage young people to consider European identity and democracy.

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