Futurelab: Final outcomes from Beyond Current Horizons

After two years of hard research, the Beyond Current Horizons (BCH) project – looking at the future of education beyond 2025 – has drawn to a close. The research has culminated in the creation of the new FREE web resource Vision Mapper (www.visionmapper.org.uk) contaning six future scenarios of how the world may look in 15 years time.
The resource has been designed to be used as a pratical toolkit for long-term planning, supporting people to think systematically about the future to inform actions needed now.
As the the BCH project has now finished, we will not be issuing any more BCH e-newsletters. If you would like to continue hearing from Futurelab, please be aware that we also have a monthly e-newsletter about Futurelab, its research, projects and resources, as well as the quarterly inspirED e-newsletter, a collection of news and stories to inspire anyone interested in innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
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