YoungMinds: calls for high-profile campaign to end stigma of young people’s mental health problems

YoungMinds calls for high-profile campaign to end stigma of young people’s mental health problems

Mental health charity, YoungMinds launch  four pledges today in Parliament for politicians to take urgent action on to in the run up to the general election to improve mental health services for young people. These include calls for:

·         A high profile anti stigma campaign supported by government, and fronted by young people to reduce the stigma associated with young people’s mental health problems.

 ·          A Statement of Need for all young people with mental health problems aged 16 -25 years and for this age group to be given financial priority to improve  the transition from children’s mental health services to adult mental health services .

·         A Healthy Young Minds Standard – Quality Assurance Mark that providers can achieve if they can provide high quality services.

·         Training for all staff who work with children in child and adolescent development and mental health.

Sarah Brennan, YoungMinds Chief Executive said:  “From our young people’s manifesto, launched earlier this year, YoungMinds has  formulated these four policy recommendations to improve young people’s mental health and wellbeing, which we would like to see implemented in all the political parties manifestos in the run up to the next general election.

 “Young people are growing up with unprecedented pressures, including widespread family breakdown, the prospect of mass unemployment, rampant commercialism, the threat of cyber bullying and constant anxieties about body image. Many thousands of children are isolated, unhappy, have eating disorders, self -harm and commit suicide. One in three children in every classroom has a diagnosable mental health disorder and that’s just the ones that have been classified. Young people’s mental health is no longer something we can ignore. The next government must take young people’s wellbeing seriously. Not only will this improve the quality of thousands of young peoples lives, but also millions of pounds will be saved in the future costs to the NHS, social services and the prison system

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