Are co-operatives the way forward?

From the Innovation Unit 17.12.2009. Credit where its due… good to see Innovation Unit looking further afield. Co-operative ideas are important in the landscape of education and learning as we have long shared. Whether the they should be shackled to the outdated notion of schooling is another matter.

Co-operative schools: the future of schooling?
Schools have quietly made a start on the mutualism agenda through the creation of Co-operative Schools. With politicians on all sides now pushing to accelerate the this agenda, these schools may tell us more than we thought about the education providers of the future.  But with more change possible, the question is not only how quickly their numbers will grow but how policy-makers may look to deepen and extend the co-operative principles at their heart.  For schools themselves, the onus is shifting from ‘why engage the community?’ to ‘why not?’  For the full article click here.

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