Press release: Social networks and Internet need to be ‘interwoven together’ – EifEL

Social networks and Internet need to be ‘interwoven together’ – EifEL by Jason Seebaruth

The social networks and Internet of tomorrow will mean existing as an ‘internet of subjects’ with our digital identities ‘interwoven together’, according to the views of Serge Ravet, Chief Executive of EifEL.

Addressing delegates at the Learning Forum London this week, Mr Ravet launched a number of challenges to the ePortfolio community to help facilitate the emergence of the MultiPortfolio organisation. He called for developers to create an e-portfolio that can capture our digital stories and relate it to the experience of others.

Serge Ravet, Chief Executive of EifEL, explained, “We don’t want our information to be centralised, we want our data under control. At the moment, we have a fragmented digital identity and we need to make changes in the Internet’s architecture.”

He put forward an idea of an e-portfolio as an e-patchwork, utilising the network infrastructure of the web. Mr Ravet added, “The key is to interweave our digital stories. The credibility of your story will be linked to other stories.”

Inspired by the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, the 3 day event taking place this week at London’s City University, offers an opportunity to discuss and share experiences on new practices in education, across cultures and continents. 
Dr Helen Barrett, International Researcher and Consultant shared her vision on e-portfolios. Dr Barrett explained, “I really think that in the future, we will remove the ‘e’ from portfolios and learning and regard it as just learning, good learning. A lot of people are already using personal learning environments and web 2.0 sites. I think there is a general misunderstanding of what portfolios are. Portfolios are seen as meeting certain outcomes and not a story of deep learning.”

Speaking about her plans to write a book on e-portfolios, Dr Barrett continued, “What I’m hoping to share is a vision of portfolios, looking at the interactive nature of them across a lifespan, but ending at the workplace. It will be a running record, capturing experiences. But my dream is to do e-portfolios with mobile phones.”

Jason Seebaruth, Freelance reporter

(EIfEL), 1 rue Neuve, 89210 Champlost – France

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