Press release: TrueTube launches new debate: ‘I’m scared of death’

Award-winning secondary resource TrueTube launches a new issue discussing life and death, how we cope with bereavement and the afterlife.

Young people are often affected by the death of a relative, the death of a friend, or at school by the loss of a staff member. Each of these will impact on the individual in a different way, and some may need more care and attention than others. Unfortunately for school staff, they often receive little or no training and guidance in this area, and dealing with something like the death of a student can be extremely difficult.

TrueTube goes above and beyond traditional video resources by providing food for thought on difficult issues such as this. Our ultimate destination fills us with primal fear, so how do we come to terms with it? What if it happens to those you love? How do rituals and ideas about the afterlife help us make sense of death and life itself?

TrueTube now has short three to four minute films, some real-life and some animated, at All content is free to view and use.

Films in the new issue ‘I’m scared of death’ include:

Real-life: Laura opens up about her 18-year-old brother’s suicide
TrueTube asks passers-by – how would you like to be remembered?
Between hope and despair: Ella talks about her father’s battle with cancer
TrueTube takes a lighthearted look at out of body experiences, the afterlife and reincarnation
The way we die: young people’s causes of death are maybe not what you’d expect

Erik Van der Schaft, editor in chief, TrueTube says: “Death, especially among young people, is usually ignored or sensationalised. TrueTube feels this huge issue should be approached in a sensitive, light hearted yet informative way – after all, it inevitably happens to all of us.”

To take a look at this issue, or any others on TrueTube, visit:

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