Press release: Project Zero Film – In Response to Student Feedback

Plymouth, Devon. Research by BECTA has highlighted a discrepancy between the way school children are taught and the way they prefer to be taught.  The research report ‘Web 2.0 Technologies for Learning and Key Stages 3 & 4’ suggested that over half of students surveyed felt that a large proportion of their learning consists of copying from a board or book, yet their preferred route of learning involved group work, practical activities and computer usage.  As a consequence of these findings MOOFU has developed their latest product, Project Zero Film, an interactive game that allows students to actively engage with traditional subjects through film making.

Nick Palfrey, Managing Director of MOOFU commented, “A growing proportion of children are using various forms of media in their day to day activities for example; TV, games, mobile, radio, laptop, mobile phones, MP3. As a company we truly believe that technology is a viable route to making learning not only exciting but more effective for both teacher and student.”

Project Zero Film is a 30 minute interactive game and set of tools which enable a teacher to turn a class into film production teams.  Set in the world of ‘Big Shot Studios’ it trains students as, Directors, Camera Operators or Editors.  Accompanied by a dedicated web 2.0 environment, teachers can contribute, share, comment and review the learning videos created, with the students.  Project Zero Film also encourages students to develop their group work, practical and creative skills; it enables peer learning and assessment whilst encouraging integrated curriculum.

Nick went on to say, “The core challenges educators have is narrowing the gap between how children are taught and how they prefer to be taught. We truly believe our latest film making product allows students to actively engage with traditional subjects in ways which are more productive and creative.”

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