CfL Policy Pamphlet: ‘Higher Education And The Cuckoo In The Nest’

The Campaign for Learning’s new policy pamphlet on Part Time HE has been announced.  Entitled ‘Higher Education And The Cuckoo In The Nest’, the report, prepared by Policy Advisers Mark Corney, Mick Fletcher and Nigel Brown, argues that what they describe as the ‘fixation’ of policy makers on participation of 17-20 year olds in full time higher education acts to the detriment of social justice and the economy because it ‘crowds out’ other types of participation, including part-time HE for young and mature learners as well as full time HE options for mature students.

In the current economic situation the Campaign would urge the Government to be proactive in promoting and supporting a wide variety of flexible routes by which young people and adults can extend their learning and improve their skills and employability, including combining work and study. This pamphlet sets out a range of options through which this might be achieved.

The Government will be reviewing higher education funding next year. This report calls for a comprehensive funding review that not only looks at higher education, but fees and maintenance support at further education level to increase the demand for HE amongst adults.

To download the pamphlet please visit our website

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