Personalised Learning: Taking Choice Seriously. Educational Heretics Press latest book.

Personalised Learning: Taking Choice Seriously edited by Mark Webster.

What happens if you start to take choice in education seriously? This was the theme of a challenging one day conference at Staffordshire University, Stoke-On-Trent. This book is the outcome of that gathering. Personalised learning is an idea which puts the learner in the driving seat. It challenges the shallow version of learning with learners as mere receivers as promoted within the present education system, and proposes a different approach where learners themselves make informed choices about their learning. ‘Taking choice seriously’ addresses issues of key importance to all learners and educators: from schools to home-based settings, from community and adult learning through to youth work

Contributors include

  • Dr Leslie Barson from ‘The Otherwise Club, a home-based education invitational learning community’,
  • Professor Ian Cunningham from the Centre for Self-Managed Learning,
  • Peter Humphreys from the Centre for Personalised Education Trust,
  • Tony Jeffs of Durham University,
  • Dr. Roland Meighan, former Special Professor of Education at Nottingham University, a specialist on learning systems,
  • Dr Tim Rudd from Futurelab,
  • Mark Webster, from Staffordshire University’s Creative Communities Unit,
  • Alan Wilkins consultant on Co-operative Learning,
  • Jackie Rose of the Bridge International Youth Project.

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