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Fountaineers report
Fountaineers engages pupils and staff in a primary school as co-designers of an interactive and programmable water fountain. A new case study describes the design process and makes some recommendations for others embarking upon whole-school or co-design projects, learning spaces redesigns, and learner voice projects.
Further details… http://www.futurelab.org.uk/projects/fountaineers   
Beyond Current Horizons
Latest updates on the Beyond Current Horizons website include: outcomes from the workshop for educators and young people on the future of education; details of the five research challenges chosen to inform the programme; and a set of papers commissioned from leading researchers on the original long-list of research challenges. The first dedicated Beyond Current Horizons e-newsletter will be sent out soon – to subscribe please e-mail bchnewsletter@futurelab.org.uk.
Go to Beyond Current Horizons website… http://www.beyondcurrenthorizons.org.uk/
Latest web articles
Our latest articles include: ‘Exploding the Black Box – the assessment revolution’ by Merlin John, a report on some of the most innovative software being developed for assessment for learning; and ‘Primary pioneers’ by Kim Thomas, a case study of Sandaig Primary School where teachers and learners are embracing Web 2.0 technology.
Further details… http://www.futurelab.org.uk/resources/publications_reports_articles/web_articles
Virtual Voices – 10 July, Bristol
A one-day conference organised by South West Screen will look at how we can develop young people’s voices so that they become the content creators and storytellers of the future. Highlights include: a demonstration of mediascapes created by young people using Futurelab’s Create-A-Scape; a practical workshop for young people facilitated by young citizen journalists; and a panel discussion about Channel 4’s award-winning marketing campaign for Skins – how to capture a young audience.
Further details… http://www.futurelab.org.uk/events/listing/virtual_voices
Learning Spaces and Personalisation workshop outcomes
Earlier in the year we held a workshop exploring some of the issues and approaches linking personalisation and learning space design and development. A report from the event is now available, including drawings capturing some of the discussions. If you’d like to get involved in further debates about learning spaces, see the next item…
Further details… http://www.futurelab.org.uk/events/listing/learning_spaces_and_personalisation_workshop
Learning Spaces week on FLUX (9-16 May)
During the first of a series of ‘themed weeks’ on FLUX, all posts are on topics relating to learning spaces – including the BSF programme, projects such as Fountaineers and upcoming events such as South West Screen’s Virtual Voices (see above). Why not join in the discussion?
Go to FLUX… http://flux.futurelab.org.uk/
FLUX is a weblog hosted by Futurelab. The most recent posts: http://flux.futurelab.org.uk/   

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