Enabling Real Participation by Children and Young People: Working with the Tensions

University of Central Lancashire – Faculty of Health
In collaboration with The Children’s and Young People’s Participation Learning Network.

A practitioner workshop led by Harry Shier. Harris Park Conference Centre, Preston 15th May 2008 9.30 – 4.00

As more agencies, in government and in the third sector, try to involve children and young people in policy, planning and practice, there is a growing need to examine the conceptual and ethical foundation for this work. What are we aiming to achieve, and are we succeeding?

Since publishing the highly influential ‘Pathways to Participation’ in 2001 following years of working in England, Harry Shier has lived in Nicaragua working with children and young people on the coffee plantations. This experience, and his current research comparing concepts of children’s participation in Nicaragua and the UK, has shown how the same tensions in practice and theory are experienced in both countries. These include:

Consultation  –  Shared decision-making
A rights framework  –  A public service framework
Government agendas  –  Children and young people’s agendas
Legitimising the power structure  –  Challenging the power structure
Getting a result  –  Including everybody
Child protection  –  Child empowerment

The aim of the workshop will be to explore these tensions, working together to navigate a way through them that combines clear thinking and effective practice. The workshop is aimed at experienced participation workers.

Following the workshop, Harry Shier will be giving a lecture on ‘Dilemmas in children and young people’s participation’ in the Greenbank Lecture Theatre, University of Central Lancashire commencing at 5.00pm, for a mixed audience of academics, policy-makers and practitioners. Participants in the workshop are welcome to attend the lecture too.

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