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There’s nothing irregular about flexi-schooling. Our rigid, semi-privatised British education system doesn’t seem to like it, but part-time learning is great for kids.

Guardian Blog

 Flexing a School’s Muscles

Leadership Focus:

More pupils at school with ‘part time’ scheme.

BBC Stoke:


Headteacher Update:;type_uid=79;section=Features

Aged five and on flexi-time:


Best of both worlds: The new trend of flexi-schooling


The rise of flexi-schooling. With supersized primary schools, large class sizes and the squeeze on primary school places, some parents are choosing to educate their children at home for part of the week.


‘Flexitime’ school that rewrites the book on teaching



Hollinsclough CofE Primary Academy. There are a range of links regarding flexischooling and the media on the school’s flexischooling page



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